Inspire Jet Charter Inc can offer a host of additional services to our clients.

Private Jet Charter

We provide private jet charters to business professionals which helps maximize their time efficiency. By chartering private jets, executives and senior managers can work around tight schedules, attending several meetings or making numerous site visits in one day.

Private jet hire is also perfect for leisure, providing luxurious, comfortable and private travel. Whether it is for a Super Bowl weekend or a family holiday in Cabo , we will choose the best private jet for you, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey.With access to private terminals, you won’t have to face busy airports and queues through security.

VIP Aircraft Catering

Business aviation is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Inspire Jet Charter works with high end VIP catering partners to consistently deliver you a simple and enjoyable inflight catering experience, no matter your point of departure and your request.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer options ranging from a simple freshly brewed fair-trade coffee and danish to the more extravagant options such as sushi, champagne and caviar.

Luxury Transportation

Inspire Jet Charter Inc can also arrange your onwards transportation requirements through our trusted network of luxury chauffeurs and corporate vehicle hire. Whether its a Mercedes Viano to transport the family and luggage or something a little more refined like a Rolls Royce Phantom the team at Inspire Jet can offer it all.

Luxury Hotel Bookings

Using our experience and contacts in the industry we can provide you with expert advice on the worlds best hotels. Our luxury partners can assist in booking rooms and suites at the finest resorts worldwide.

Yacht Charter

Our team has worked with some of the most affluent and demanding clients in the world. We have had to work closely with many yacht companies to offer a jet to yacht transfer so can recommend some of the most luxurious and dependable yacht companies on the market today.

Whether its a week in the Bahamas or island hopping in Greece we can provide an expert to assist you.